Colour Sampling

Using logo v7.0.2




Lujo - Take 5+ 6+ 7= 18

Take 5

Take 6

Take 7

I'm happy with v7.0 so I'm going to go ahead with that design.
Unless you can see anything that needs changing?
Now for colours...


Lujo - Take 4 (Take 3 was a disaster)


L is now more eligible as an L.
The way the L joins the u is altered.
The joining strokes and swashes are finer.

Lujo - Take 2

Tweaked so that it is more uniform.
Also the O is more complete.
Still in draft form but I feel that it is improved from the previous design.

Thanks for the Love & Hate votes.
Please leave a comment if you have time! I'd really appreciate it!


Lujo - designer toilet tissue

Lujo - designer toilet tissue.
Brand values: Lavish, Suave, Exclusive, Opulent, Extravagant.

Requesting feedback for this draft logo so I can fix it before I punch Illustrator in the face.


LEGO pop up book!?

Holy moly! I never even attempted anything like this when I had all my lego sets!


Say what now?

Feedback for my website.
Overall, the rotating frame adds a different element to the site which is a good thing.
However, the display of the content within the frame is not on the same level as the frame so it gets a little lost.
I need to redesign the content layout so that it feels in unison with the frame elements. Lose the 'gridness' and mix it up a bit.
Good stuff.

So this is the web?

I'm at the end of my first web design module. It's been one hell of a learning curve!
At the beginning, the prospect of designing a website was just scary! I've messed with html code before, remember those myspace days? All those amazing layouts I stole aha... But this project was next level! Had no idea where to start and having never touched Fireworks or Dreamweaver before I felt like I was having to run before I could walk.
Having a few tutorials showed me how easy it all was. Or should I say how easy it could have been! I found myself forgetting a lot of the steps which left me floundering. With the help of friends I managed to get back on the task and complete my site.
Now, I would say that I am a lot more confident designing for the web and already have a few amendments/improvements I would like to make on my site.
I'm happy with what I have achieved and am grateful that we've had this module to learn these skills.
This is not the end Web.

I'm gonna keep on blogging because I do quite enjoy it!


Another Bike?!?! Que?!

Although I love my fixed wheel bike, I thought I'd like another bike I could mess about on, generally crash and bash. So I posted an ad online, asking for a cheap old racing bike, requesting people to check their grandma's sheds.
Today, a lovely man called me up saying that he had a bike that was taking up room and that he no longer wanted. He even offered to bring it to my flat since he lived out of the city.
He brought it round and let me have it for no more than £50 (as requested in my ad).


This bike with it's components is easily worth more than £200, if not £300 if I were to clean it up a little!
Now I have the dilemma of deciding whether to keep it or sell it. Currently I'm thinking of keeping it as a second/winter bike or something that my flatmates can use to pop into town. It's too nice to use as a beater bike. Does that mean I'm still after another bike!? Let's hope no one else responds to my ad with another vintage gem!

More pics of it to come.
I'm well chuffed. Except that I got so excited I forgot to do any work today...





My website is live.

trant :: home

Still needs tweaking and the all the portfolio pages are not completed yet.
Let me know if you find any bugs.


Tiny hole

With a smaller hole, a sharper image but still need to try a few more out.

Digital Pinhole

Experimenting with a DIY digital pinhole conversion I made for my DSLR.

Exposure times ranging from 10 seconds to 539 seconds.

And before you say; yes, I need my sensor cleaning.




An continuation from the mexico.cautious.button piece. Logo design centred around a fictional, high class, tailoring company called "Buttons".

Mexico. Cautious. Button.

First year work when we had to pick 3 words out of a hat and create a poster from them.
My three words were: Mexico, Cautious and Button.
Here's what I came up with:

Old Bike. New wheels.

My bike frame is old and the axel dropouts are smaller than the modern equivalent.
So I got a puncture in my old rear tyre yesterday and thought I might as well just replace the wheel with the new one I have.
Unfortunately due to the difference in axel bolt sizes I'm required to file down the dropouts. Found out that it's the hardest steel ever! I only have a crappy file :(
What should I do?

I can't live without my bike! I've ridden it everyday since returning to the toon and now I'm condemned to snail pace walking. Boooo.


New website design proposal.

Wireframe models starting from top left going left to right: Home, About me, Portfolio, Portfolio with Lightbox, Contact.

And an example how they should look:


Face mash-ups.

What I ended up doing when I should have been doing real work.
Sorry lecturers!

I am going to be up late doing my web design now.



Since the other ones had major flaws:


Free Nando's for students.

Free half-chicken for students at Nando's with this voucher: http://www.peri-perichallenge.co.uk/
You still need to buy a side and a drink but it saves you £5.80.
Yum yum.