Feeling moody?

An illustrated mood board for Marimekko.


How to make a cup of Tea? #2

Added some more options and also changed the "ice cube" icon to a snowflake.

Portfolio Design #3

This is my third layout proposal for my online portfolio.
I am unsure about how dark it is. I'd like to have the images turn to colour when the mouse moves over them but when the mouse is not hovered over an image the whole site looks very grey and dull.


Portfolio Design #2

This online portfolio layout is designed around the Virtual DJ typeface. The boarders are enlarged "O"s.
I like the continuity of the shapes but it lacks the ability to really display the work well.

Sketchy Sketch

Experimental image making with Sara. Some sketches on post it notes.

Mini Munny Mario

I bought this Mini Munny way back last year when I visited Amsterdam on a class trip. I did a few initial sketches and markups for the little guy but I never really got onto working on him. It's finished now.
The hair is acrylic paint but the rest is felt-tip pen (I got lazy).
It's inspired by Mario.

Portfolio Design #1

This is my first draft at a layout for my online portfolio. I tired to keep it simple so that you can concentrate on the work. It works in a column view, exposing more options as you select one, eventually leading to a large version of a piece.
I think it may be a little too simple though, to the point where it lacks interest. I need something to grab the attention of the viewer.


How to make a cup of Tea?

Not sure how clear it is without a key or direction, would be grateful for feedback, cheers x


I <3 Bike.

This is my fixed wheel bike. Fixed wheel ie. pedal forward and you go forward, pedal backwards and you go backwards. No coasting.
It's got a chrome Carlton frame, a StrongLight 50tooth chainwheel and a 14tooth sprocket. I'm just in the process of fitting some new Halo Aerorage rims wheels on it. A bit of a pain because with it being an old frame the dropouts are a couple of mm smaller than the axels on the new hubs. So I've had to file down the hardened steel dropouts to make them fit. I did the front ones last night, I think I'll try and do the rear ones tonight and get the rear wheel fitted tomorrow with the help of the guys down at Recyke-y-Bike.


Illustrator Practise

Screen Printing

Leave Your Mark

This piece, above, was printed onto promotional mugs. I'll see if I can find a piccy since I left the mugs at home.

My Final Major Project for my foundation course.
Self designed brief. Focusing on the idea that anyone can make a difference without that much effort.
For the design show, this project was chosen to be put in the foyer to represent the foundation graphics dept.

A Word of Music

Clatterbridge Cancer Research Trust

Logo design for Clatterbrigde Cancer Research Trust.
From my foundation course but it was a live brief. My selected final design was the one with the multi coloured bars.
It got shortlisted to be shown to the client but it wasn't chosen in the end.
Here's what they went with instead: http://www.ccrt.org.uk/

Whaaat..... whatever.


Ceramic experimentation in my foundation course. First time using clay properly.
Brief was some sort of autobiographical one I think.
Not my favourite thing I've ever done but hey, at least it didn't explode in the kiln.

Where's the undo button?

Camera Heads

Illustration experimentation from my foundation course. I think the brief was to personify an object.
I drew from collages of people and cameras I had put together, then used indian ink and balsa wood to draw over them.
Images were scanned and I put colour in behind with photoshop.