Midnight Snowman

My flatmate, Sam, and I had a long night at the uni library, we got the metro back to our house after midnight.
But as we walked from the station to our house, we started to build a snowman.
We kinda got into it.
An hour and a half later. We had this beast.

Still nameless.

And even though we spent a good few hours at the library and had an hour hunt for food, only after I completed the snowman had I felt that I had actually achieved something tonight.


Amsterdam 2010

So here are some family friendly highlights from our trip to Amsterdam.


Amsterdam Hair Cut

Tomorrow I'm going to Amsterdam with a group of 14 for my flat mate's 21st Birthday.
A couple of us are taking video SLRs and we will try to document our journey!
I also had a hair cut for the occasion.

I'm so excited!


Bonfire 2010 Photos

A couple of photos from Bonfire Night 2010.
Taken with a 550D and 50mm f1.4
Edited on Adobe Lightroom


Bonfire Night 2010

I went out for Bonfire Night to watch the fireworks with some friends.
I took along my 550D and f1.4 50mm along for the ride.
Manual settings on the 550D make it so much better to use than the 500D.
I'll probably do a comparisons post in the near future.

Anyhow, I mashed the clips I took together and here is the result!

The track is Cigarettes by Russian Red.
No copyright infringement intended.

Also in HD.

I'm going to be doing more video's from now on so subscribe to my Youtube page to keep up to date!


Bed Building

Here's my second DSLR video.

Again, shot with a Canon 500D and 50mm f1.4 lens.

The story to this video is that we returned home after a heavy night out and one of my flatmates managed to accidentally destroy his bed with the help of a friend. This video is the process of rebuilding the bed as best we could.

Also, I think the 550D is probably a more realistic aim for my next camera opposed to the amazing but also expensive 7D.